Modern Mediterranean Groove

Chris Norred

Chris Norred started playing music at the age of 12 and was primarily self taught. He decided to pursue music professionally eventually received a B.A in Music from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2010. His broad range of musical ability includes jazz, bluegrass, folk, rock and Latin based styles

Ashley Rose Kirby

Ashley Rose Smith brings a world of diverse talents and musical interests to the group providing the visual and interactive appeal of a professional raq sharki belly dancer, while also serving the role of percussionist and vocalist. With informal training in opera, jazz, and flamenco she developed her interests with a genuine love and appreciation for cultural arts. Ashley has studied Hindustani Classical singing in India, drumming in Ghana and the uniquely expressive dances of Bali in Indonesia. She performs locally as a professional dancer and vocalist.

David Gluck

David Gluck currently teaches at the Idaho Arts Charter School, Northwest Nazarene University and The College of Idaho. Previously, he was Professor of Music at Purchase College in New York. David has been critically acclaimed by the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly and Downbeat Magazine. He has been featured on the BET Network and NPR. He is published by Hal Leonard and Universal Editions and has 10 recordings to his name. David is sponsored by Yamaha, Zildjian and Innovative Percussion. He has performed across the North America, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Italy, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

Oliver Thompson

Oliver Thompson was inspired by modern violin pioneers including Jean-Luc Ponty, Papa John Creach, and David LaFlamme, along with violin-wielding super groups ELO and Kansas. Establishing himself on the Boise music scene as a polished and passionate performer, he released CDs with Mondo Raga Samba and Tambalka and appears as a guest artist on several CDs. An avid world traveler with violin as a carry-on, Oliver has performed around the world including Atlanta, Orlando, Costa Rica, San Francisco, Paris, Melbourne, and Berlin.

Esteban Anastasio

Esteban Anastasio is a professional guitarist that specializes in classical and flamenco guitar. Esteban has taught guitar at 3 universities and has been an active professional musician for the past 15 years. As a founding member of Tambalka, a primary goal was to create music that merges various music styles of the world into one unified sound.

Tambalka Live

 The Hand of Tambalka has graciously accepted the coveted Southfall Log of Stewardship in transcribing and performing the strange and wonderful tambons of the lost peoples of Tam-Balkana.  Fungit upon you and may your Slooch be forever golden.  Vartnut!


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THE ART OF THE ALLSKATE (by Dr. Liv Blackwater, Phd, DMA.)

      I am often asked how I am able to sleep at night knowing that I personally have saddled the Hand of Tambalka with the almost overwhelming responsibility of learning and performing the extremely difficult Tambaknot codices.  I am told that I have set these men up for ultimate failure in their stewardship.  Perhaps I have.
    But I will ask those that question my intentions, "Do you understand what is at stake here?  Do you comprehend, you imbeciles, what The Hand will accomplish if they persevere, and manage to complete the fifty-sixth tambon?"
     Naturally, these people do not understand the ultimate purpose of our endeavor.  Indeed, it is unlikely that The Hand itself comprehends the nature of what it has undertaken.
     But, to those of you are empathetic to the plight of the band, and the incredible weight that has been placed upon their collective shoulders, I will tell you this.
     There is a system in place that allows the fingers of The Hand to, shall we say, blow off a bit of steam whilst in the heat and sweat of tambon performance.
     That system is known as an Allskate.
     Essentially, an Allskate is a chord progression that Paleo-Thracian specialists have embedded within each translated tambon.  For all intents and purposes it is a solo chorus, analogous to those found in jazz improvisation. 

Typically, the Allskate is eight or sixteen measures long, and consists of chordal structures common in Western music.  Its primary purpose is to allow performers to relax for a brief spate before tackling the next section of the tambon.
    The Allskate is a very effective means for the fingers to show off their individual abilities, for the fingers "to shine" before moving back in to the intricacies of whatever tambon they happen to be performing.
     Rest assured, readers, we here at the P.T.C. carefully monitor the well being and mental integrity of our stewards.  We care about them.  We do.
    The Allskate is but one way that we take care of our own.
    Vartnut for your continuing support.